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PLC Basics with 3D Factory Simulation


FACTORY I/O Starter Edition is a unique pack of PLC simulator and 3D factory designed for learning the basics of PLC programming. It includes CONTROL I/O, a brand independent PLC simulator designed specifically for FACTORY I/O. This edition allows beginners to develop controllers for over 20 industrial applications without having to buy a real PLC.

PLC basics with Function Blocks

Function Blocks

CONTROL I/O includes the most common functions found in real PLC such as timers, counters, logical and arithmetic operators.

Available Blocks: Arithmetic, Counters, Logical, Math, Relational & Equality and Timers.

Seamless Integration

Designed from the ground up for FACTORY I/O, CONTROL I/O provides a straightforward and intuitive experience for anyone starting to explore automation and logic control.

CONTROL I/O is completely integrated with FACTORY I/O allowing you to control and view the simulation from within the controller editor.

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