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Factory I/O Hero

Turn a computer into a PLC training kit

No risk of injury to students or damage to equipment. Space saving solution.

Works with any PLC

As well as the most common automation technologies: PLC simulators, Modbus, OPC and many others.

Common industrial applications

Bring large-scale industrial applications to the classroom.

Build your own scenarios

Use a library of industrial parts to build your own training scenarios.

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Available editions

Factory I/O is available in 7 different editions. Each edition includes I/O drivers targeting specific technologies.

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Ultimate Edition

All-in-one edition
PLC wiring
Custom I/O drivers (SDK)

253€ / year
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Siemens Edition

Ethernet connection
S7-PLCSIM plug and play
All Siemens PLC

144€ / year
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Modbus & OPC Edition

Modbus TCP Server/Client
OPC Client Data Access
OPC Client UA

144€ / year
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Allen-Bradley Edition

Ethernet connection
Compatible with SoftLogix
All Allen-Bradley PLC

144€ / year
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MHJ Edition

Low-cost Siemens SoftPLC
WinSPS-S7 & WinPLC-Engine
Plug and play

36€ / year
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Automgen Edition

Integration with Automgen
Design GRAFCET controllers
Design SysML controllers

36€ / year
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Starter Edition

Included PLC simulator
Functions blocks
Learn the basics

36€ / year
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Ultimate Edition
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Latest news

February 17, 2020


Factory I/O 2.4.0 released

Factory I/O 2.4.0 includes shareable cloud licenses, redesigned OPC DA & UA drivers as well as many bug fixes, enhancements and new features.

May 2, 2019


Factory I/O 2.3.6 released

The new release of Factory I/O 2.3.6 is now available for download. This hotfix includes many bug fixes reported by the community, as well as several enhancements.

February 18, 2019


Factory I/O 2.3.5 released

Version 2.3.5 has been released! This hotfix includes many bug fixes reported by the community, as well as several enhancements.