Factory I/O

MHJ Edition

3D factory simulation for low-cost Siemens softPLC

Plug and play with WinSPS-S7 and WinPLC Engine

From 36€/year or 99€ one-time.
Factory I/O MHJ Edition Scene

Plug and play with MHJ software

Factory I/O MHJ Edition offers a completely integrated PLC training solution for users looking for a low-cost alternative to official Siemens software.

Practice S7 PLC programming with Factory I/O and WinSPS-S7 / WinPLC Engine. With more than 20 ready-to-use industrial applications, Factory I/O turns your computer into a perfect Siemens training platform.

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About WinSPS-S7

WinSPS-S7 is a PLC programming tool for S7-300 / 400 PLC with a built-in PLC simulator. Plug and play with Factory I/O, no configuration required.

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Factory I/O + WinSPS-S7
Sample video showing WinSPS-S7 PLC Simulator sorting items by height (video 1:58 min).

About WinPLC Engine

WinPLC-Engine is an S7-300 PLC simulator that can be programmed with STEP7 V5.x, TIA Portal V11, V12, and V13. Works out of the box with Factory I/O

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Factory I/O + WinPLC-Engine
Sample video showing WinPLC Engine PLC Simulator sorting items by height.

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Available editions

Factory I/O is available in 7 different editions. Each edition includes I/O drivers targeting specific technologies.

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