Practice real world control tasks with more than 20 scenes inspired by common industrial applications. Using a palette of over 80 industrial parts, you can extend FACTORY I/O by creating your own training scenarios.



20+ Ready-to-Use Scenes

FACTORY I/O offers more than 20 scenes inspired by typical industrial applications to practice real world control tasks. Use a scene as it is or as a starting point for a new project.


Over 80 Industrial Parts

Create a virtual factory using a palette of industrial parts, including sensors, conveyors, elevators, stations, and many others.


Build Your Own Scenarios

FACTORY I/O smart editing tools make building a 3D scene a comfortable and natural experience. Use a palette of over 80 industrial parts and customize FACTORY I/O by creating your own training scenarios.


Digital and Analog I/O

Most parts include digital and analog I/O. For example, use a digital value to start or stop a conveyor or an analog value to weigh items or control liquid levels.


I/O Drivers

FACTORY I/O uses drivers to interface with PLC, SoftPLC, PLC simulators, Modbus and many other technologies. Each edition includes a bundle of drivers for a specific technology (i.e. Allen-Bradley Edition, Siemens Edition, …).



Practice troubleshooting routines by easily injecting Always On and Always Off failures in sensors and actuators.


Instructor Mode

Lock several options with an instructor password. Challenge trainees to complete partially built systems, find malfunctions and failures.


Easy Integration

Easily integrate FACTORY I/O with existent training equipment.
Plug and Play with Siemens and Allen-Bradley PLC (Ethernet). May require wiring for other brands through interface boards.


Innovation on Every Level

Traditional Equipment

Expensive equipment
Gives access to 1-2 students at a time
Designed for a specific PLC brand
Takes a lot of space
Can be easily damaged
Requires maintenance


One license includes 20+ ready-to-use industrial applications
Can teach a whole classroom simultaneously
Works with all PLC brands and the most common automation technologies
Takes 600Mb of disk space
Move it anywhere
Students can experiment, edit and modify their virtual factory with no risks
An inherent feature of simulations: no wear

30-Days Free Trial! No credit card, contracts, or setup fees required.

Trial includes full-featured Ultimate Edition