Ultimate edition

Complete pack for PLC training

All-in-one edition
PLC wiring
SDK - custom I/O drivers
253€ / year
695€ / one-time

Siemens edition

Ethernet connection with Siemens PLC

Connects with Siemens PLC through Ethernet, no extra hardware required.

Compatible PLC: LOGO!, S7-200 / 200 SMART / 300 / 400, S7-1200 / 1500, S7-PLCSIM.

144€ / year
395€ / one-time

Allen-Bradley edition

Ethernet connection with Allen-Bradley PLC

Connects with Allen-Bradley PLC through Ethernet, no extra hardware required.

Compatible PLC: ControlLogix, CompactLogix, Micro800, MicroLogix 1100 & 1400, SLC 5/0X and SoftLogix.

144€ / year
395€ / one-time

Modbus & OPC edition

Use with a wide range of technologies

Integrate a virtual factory with a wide range of technologies using Modbus TCP/IP Server and Client and OPC Client DA/UA.

144€ / year
395€ / one-time

MHJ edition

Practice PLC programming with low-cost Siemens SoftPLC

Low-cost Siemens SoftPLC (WinSPS-S7 and WinPLC-Engine). Plug and play, no configuration required.

36€ / year
99€ / one-time

Automgen edition

Design controllers using GRAFCET and SysML

Easy integration with Automgen. Design controllers using standard languages such as GRAFCET and SysML.

36€ / year
99€ / one-time

Starter edition

Start exploring the world of automation

Design your controllers with function blocks using an integrated PLC simulator.

36€ / year
99€ / one-time


StarterAllen-BradleySiemensModbus & OPCMHJAutomgenUltimate
All parts
All scenes
Digital & analog I/O
Control I/O (integrated softPLC)
Allen-Bradley Ethernet connection
Siemens Ethernet connection
Modbus TCP server & client
OPC Client DA & UA
WinSPS-S7 & WinPLC Engine
Advantech USB 4750 & 4704 wiring

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