November 20, 2023


Factory I/O 2.5.6 released

Factory I/O 2.5.6 is now available for download. This release includes changes to parts, driver improvements, licensing fixes, and an experimental upscaling feature valuable for users running Factory I/O in high-resolution displays.

This version changes the colors of push buttons and light indicators, making them compliant with the standard IEC 60204-1:2016. Two new generic push buttons are now available: Push Button NO and Push Button NC. See more about the recent push buttons, light indicators, and color recommendations here.

Users running Factory I/O in high-resolution displays (2K and 4K) can now use AMD FSR2 to increase frame rate. Note that enabling FSR2 has a bigger impact when running Factory I/O in Very High quality settings. This is an experimental feature that must be enabled through the console. See how to use it here.

This release also fixes floating licenses being incorrectly revoked by the license server when running Factory I/O for long periods. Hardware license status is now correctly displayed in the Licensing panel.

Drivers also received some refinements. The OPC UA driver includes several stability fixes and improved performance when browsing a large number of nodes. The Modbus TCP/IP Server driver now automatically accepts client requests using 0 and 255 as unit identifiers, independently of the value set in the Slave ID field.

See the release notes for additional details.