January 25, 2023


Factory I/O 2.5.3 released

Factory I/O v2.5.3 is now available for download. This version includes fixes for several major bugs found in the core of Factory I/O. It also improves the stability and performance of the OPC UA driver and an updated Siemens documentation (manual and tutorials). See the release notes for full details.

Release Notes

  • Core: Fixed Factory IO random crash when changing scenes location.
  • Core: Fixed Factory IO random crash when using WiFi network adapters.
  • Core: Small adjustments to warehouse lighting.
  • Parts: Fixed Light Array Emitter collider out of place.
  • Parts: Fixed Emitter part counting not resetting when the emitter is turned off and on again.
  • Drivers: Improved OPC UA asynchronous implementation.
  • Drivers: Fixed OPC UA contains filter.
  • Drivers: Improved overall stability and performance of OPC UA driver.
  • Docs: Updated Siemens documentation (manual and tutorials).