August 8, 2022


Factory I/O 2.5.2 released

Factory I/O v2.5.2 is now available for download. This update includes a new feature to drag parts in run mode, allows fine positioning of sensors and adds Web API PUT verbs for forcing tag values and injecting on/off failures, as well as many bug fixes and overall improvements. See the documentation for full details.

Release Notes

  • Core: Added new feature to drag parts in run mode (press shift / V key). Set it as the default method with the camera.use_planar_drag = True console command.
  • Core: Fixed Palette being incorrectly shown when using the Factory I/O (Run) tag.
  • Core: Fixed opening a scene from File Explorer containing ' character on path.
  • Parts: Digital Display now shows 'inv' when value is too large to display.
  • Parts: Reverted Stacker Crane forks stroke from 1.3m to 1.2m (change made by v2.5.1).
  • Parts: Added fine position feature to sensors.
  • Parts: Fix bouncing of parts on curved conveyor belts.
  • Drivers: Fixed OPC URL defined in upper case not being set correctly when opening a scene.
  • Drivers: Several OPC UA bug fixes and improvements.
  • Drivers: Updated expiration date of OPC UA certificates.
  • Drivers: Added Web API PUT verbs for forcing tag values and injecting always on/off failures.
  • Drivers: Updated documentation on how to export correctly tags to Grafcet Studio.
  • Licensing: Properly inform the user about expired licenses.
  • UI: Fixed input field caret visibility.