May 2, 2019


Factory I/O 2.3.6 released

The new release of Factory I/O 2.3.6 is now available for download.

We strongly recommend all Factory I/O users to update to this latest stable release.

Release Notes

  • Undo and redo system can now handle sensor range changes.
  • Can now bind a key to toggle sensor range in Options > Controls.
  • Added "scene.max_item_count" console command which allows changing the maximum number of items that can be emitted.
  • New controller-defined configuration for Emitter and Remover which allows choosing which parts to emit/remove with a tag.
  • Removers now include Bases To Remove and Parts to Remove option.
  • Emitters and Removers visual appearance now reflects the enabled/disabled state.
  • Emitters can now emit stackable boxes.
  • Fixed Two-Axis Pick & Place ‘Rotating’ and ‘Gripper Rotating’ tags not updating in the Analog and Digital & Analog configurations.
  • OPC UA driver now browses correctly nodes at any depth.
  • Fixed saved scenes including user-defined OPC Url/ProgId disconnecting when opening the OPC driver configuration.