Factory I/O

Automgen Edition

Easy integration with Automgen

Learn and practice GRAFCET and SysML controller design with a 3D factory simulation.

From 40€/year or 109€ one-time.
Factory I/O Automgen Edition

Control a 3D factory with GRAFCET and SysML

Design and test GRAFCET and SysML controllers with a 3D factory simulation and Automgen. Automgen is especially suited for designing controllers using GRAFCET and languages defined in IEC 61131-3 and SysML standards.

Factory I/O integrates perfectly with Automgen allowing you to validate controllers with a simple click.

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Pick and place items using Automgen

Sample video showing Automgen picking and placing items in Factory I/O (video 1:59 min).

Factory I/O + Automgen

Sorting items by weight using Automgen

Sample video showing Automgen sorting items by height in Factory I/O. See full tutorial (video 1:42min).

Factory I/O + Automgen

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Available editions

Factory I/O is available in 7 different editions. Each edition includes I/O drivers targeting specific technologies.

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