Factory I/O

Allen-Bradley Edition

Learn PLC programming on a 3D factory simulation

Connects with Allen-Bradley PLC through Ethernet, no extra hardware required.

From 17€/mo., 158€/year or 435€ one-time.
Factory I/O Allen-Bradley Edition Scene

Next-Gen Allen-Bradley PLC training

Factory I/O turns your computer into an Allen-Bradley PLC training platform. It includes more than 20 ready-to-use 3D simulations of common industrial applications. Using a library of industrial parts, you can extend Factory I/O by creating your own training scenarios.

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Sorting with MicroLogix 1100

Sample video showing a MicroLogix 1100 sorting items by height in Factory I/O (video 1:16 min).

Sorting by height with Micro820

Sample video showing a Micro820 sorting items by height in Factory I/O (video: 2:03 min).

Assembling with CompactLogix

Sample video showing a CompactLogix assembling​ items in Factory I/O (video: 1:28 min)


List of compatible PLC models and required software to use with Factory I/O. If your PLC is not listed below, you can wire it to Factory I/O through interface boards (requires Ultimate Edition).


RSLogix 5000 software


Compatible MicroLogix 1100/1400PLC with Ethernet connection
RSLogix 500 software


Compatible Micro820/850 PLC
Connected Components Workbench software

SLC 5/05

Compatible SLC 5/05 PLC
RSLogix 500 software

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Available editions

Factory I/O is available in 7 different editions. Each edition includes I/O drivers targeting specific technologies.

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