FACTORY I/O 2.3.1: Hotfix Released

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The 2.3.1 Hotfix is now live!

We recommend all FACTORY I/O users to update to this latest stable release, which includes many bug fixes reported by the community, as well as several enhancements.

Release Notes:


  • Fixed Light Array sensor not working properly when rotated using the rotation gizmo.
  • Fixed Retroreflective sensor graphics (dashed line) not matching the sensor range.
  • Curved Belt Conveyors now run at a fraction of the performance cost when compared to the previous version.
  • Fixed Two-Axis Pick & Place minor graphics issues.
  • Removed Conveyor Scale noise on weighting value when without load.
  • Fixed RFID Reader not detecting tags when placed at some zones of the detection field.
  • Improved RFID Reader field graphics.
  • Fixed Elevator not working after being rotated.
  • Fixed Metal Lids not stacking correctly.
  • Two-Axis Pick & Place can now handle correctly metal items.
  • Inductive sensors no longer detect FP camera (when enabled by the console command camera.fp_camera = 1).
  • Vision Sensor field graphics now match the sensor frustum.


  • Fixed several issues when executing undo commands with several parts selected.
  • Fixed being able to enable FP and fly cameras when TimeScale was active.
  • Fly camera is no longer detected when camera.fp_camera = 1
  • Fixed context menu not showing when using FP or fly cameras.

To see the complete list of bug fixes, improvements, and changes, check the Release Notes.