FACTORY I/O featured in Manufacturing Automation Magazine

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The new software we’re developing, Factory I/O, was featured in the January/February’s edition of Manufacturing Automation Magazine.

Check out the interview with our distributor in Canada, Bill Valedis, from Precision TPS INC.

See the full video interview here.

A new educational tool — a flexible, user-configurable 3D simulation application for automation training — is now available to educators and manufacturers in Canada.
Developed by Real Games and available in Canada through Precision Training Products and Services, Factory I/O “takes the simulation environment for educational purposes to a new level,” says Bill Valedis, vice-president with Precision TPS.The tool is designed for automation training in educational institutes (i.e., colleges, universities or high schools), but also for manufacturers who want to train their staff. The flexible industrial simulator software allows users to use built-in industrial components for inspiration to create their own systems.

“Students will be able to be involved in a realistic 3D environment that really brings gaming to a different level,” explains Valedis. “They will be able to interact with objects. They will be able to observe the behaviour of sensors and actuators, and be able to control them interactively on the screen, which has not been done before.”

Read the full article here.