FACTORY I/O 2.3.0: Now available

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Factory I/O 2.3 includes significant gains in overall performance and stability, exciting new features, many new parts and tons of bug fixes.

Scene loading time has been largely improved making it easier to work on large scenes. Switching from edit to run mode will now take only a fraction of time when compared to previous releases. Driver window performance is also vastly improved when loading and displaying a large number of I/O points.

Physics simulation has been heavily optimized allowing those looking to squeeze out every drop of performance from Factory I/O to simulate even larger scenes. Physics accuracy and stability have also been improved, no more palletes twisting on roller conveyors! Factory I/O v2.3 introduces the concept of time scale which allows a scene to be run at 0.1x (slow motion) up to 4x (fast forward).

The 2.3 release includes also eagerly-awaited new parts such as curved conveyors, inclined belt conveyors, RFID, a new selector, metal items, safety door, new two-axis pick & place mode and a low-frequency incremental encoder for conveyors.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all of the amazing users who contributed with invaluable feedback to the 2.3 release.

Major New Features and Improvements

Scenes loading time has been greatly improved. This is especially noticeable when working on large scenes.

Switching from edit to run mode is now faster than ever, making easier working with large scenes.

Physics simulation has been heavily optimized allowing larger scenes to run at a fraction of the cost.

Physics simulation is now more accurate and stable making parts and items behave more realistically.

Version 2.3 introduces the time scale feature which allows you to slow down or fast forward the simulation up to 4x.

Driver window loading time and performance has been greatly improved.

Camera movement is no longer restricted by the warehouse, allowing greater flexibility when editing.

New Parts

Curved Belt Conveyor

Curved Roller Conveyor

Free Roller

Inclined Belt Conveyor

Incremental Encoder

RFID Reader

Metal Items

Safety Door

Part Improvements

Selector: Now includes three configurations, respectively: 2 Position, 3 Position (A), 3 Position (B)

Digital Display: Includes two new configurations which allow displaying values in unsigned packed BCD and hexadecimal.

Two Axis Pick & Place: Arm and gripper can now rotate around the Z axis by 90° increments.

Aligners: Aligners now include a gizmo for finer positioning.

To see the complete list of new features, improvements, and changes, check the Release Notes.